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Spider Plant

Spider Plant

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The Chlorophytum or Spider Plant is a gorgeous variegated plant (even though some come in a deep green), which means it has striking light green and white details throughout the leaves. They are hardy and great for hanging. They propagate easily with tiny sprouts growing on the offshoots on the plant. 


Aprox 5" pot and stands about 14-16" high.


Very easy and for every level of plant parent.


They love bright, indirect light, but can thrive in low to bright, indirect light. Direct light will scorch their leaves.




Our pots are a white, hard, high quality plastic with a matte finish. They are beautiful and lightweight, allowing for either countertop or hanging placement. They have a hole on the bottom & come with a matching saucer for drainage.

Plants & Pots may vary slightly in texture and shape.